Restorative Dentistry

Do you miss the smile of your youth? Decay, injury, or simple wear and tear all hurt the form and function of your smile over time. With restorative care from Petal Family Dentistry, even complex dental problems can be solved, returning form and function to your smile and improving your quality of life. Rejuvenate your smile today at Petal Family Dentistry!


body_6Do you have denture problems?  Are you missing teeth? Petal Family Dentistry may have the perfect solution in dental implants. An amazing technology, implants are often the best solution to complex dental problems because they closely mimic the form and function of your natural smile.

Implants are placed in the bone of your jaw. Over time, the bone will integrate with the implants, forming a strong foundation for any number of dental prosthesis, including dentures, bridges, and even crowns. This permanent solution promotes bone retention, eliminates the painful problems associated with ill-fitting dentures, and will look and feel just like natural teeth.

Reclaim your form and function, and reclaim your life! Talk to your dentist about whether dental implants from Petal Family Dentistry are the solution for your smile.

Implant Supported Dentures


Regular dentures have numerous drawbacks.  Sticky adhesives are necessary to keep them in place, and if they don’t fit perfectly, shifting dentures cause symptoms like painful gum sores, difficulty speaking and difficulty chewing. Say goodbye to these problems with implant supported dentures.  You can replace an entire set of teeth with natural-looking implants, which mimic your natural bite and distribute pressure more like natural teeth than traditional dentures.  Talk to Dr. Harrell and Dr. Braswell about implant supported dentures today.

Partial Dentures

If you have several teeth missing that can’t be corrected with a bridge, consider partial dentures from Petal Family dentistry to replace those teeth. This removable appliance is custom designed by Dr. Harrell and Dr. Braswell to fit comfortably and blend in with your natural teeth.  Regain form and function, improve your appearance, and prevent future dental complications with partial dentures.


If you have chipped teeth, broken teeth or gaps in your teeth, trust the time-tested solution of a dental crown. After removing any decay, Dr. Harrell and Dr. Braswell will restore your tooth using a tooth-like crown made of gold or porcelain.


body_91Losing a tooth doesn’t just mean a gap in your smile; it can also lead to serious problems for your dental health if left uncorrected. Over time, the pressure from your bite may move to other areas of your mouth to make up for an inability to chew properly in the spot of the missing tooth. Other teeth may start to shift into the gap, causing pain, discomfort, and future complications.  If you have a gap due to a missing tooth, bridge the gap in your smile with a dental bridge.  Dr. Harrell and Dr. Braswell can create a functional solution by fusing a prosthetic tooth between two crowns. This procedure will correct your smile, restore your bite and alleviate your pain.


In cases of serious decay, Dr. Harrell and Dr. Braswell may have to remove a portion of your tooth. In these situations, the dentist will replace the removed portion with a customized inlay or onlay made of porcelain. Just like crowns, traditional inlays and onlays were made out of metal, but now porcelain-milled inlays and onlays are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. Your inlay or onlay from Petal Family Dentistry will provide relief from chewing pain, cavity pain and tooth degeneration, and no one be able to tell you’ve undergone treatment thanks to the lifelike porcelain restoration.


Do you suffer from frequent headaches, jaw pain, or a popping sound when you open or close your mouth? This could signify problems with your Temporomandibular Joint, sometimes abbreviated as TMJ.  Whether the problem is due to strain, trauma, or injury, Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction is a condition that affects many people. The good news is, it can often be treated. Based on the specifics of your condition, Dr. Harrell and Dr. Braswell can recommend a course of treatment that will help alleviate your pain and make your day-to-day activities more pleasant. If you experience popping or pain in your jaw, ask a Petal Family Dentistry team member today about treatment for this condition.