General Dentistry

The best defense against oral health problems is prevention. With regular appointments with your trusted dentist at Petal Family Dentistry, most of the conditions that negatively affect your smile can be stopped before they start.

Periodontal Therapy

body_3Did you know that half of all adults have some form of Periodontal Disease? Many don’t even realize it, as often the disease is pain-free in its early stages.  While periodontal disease is responsible for adult tooth loss, bleeding or receding gums, and even bad breath, it is easily prevented with proper home care and professional treatment from a trusted dental home like Petal Family Dentistry.  Early diagnosis is key, and if you are found to have periodontal disease during your regular checkup, the Petal Family Dentistry team can help to restore your oral health.

Watch for these symptoms and signs of periodontal disease, and call Dr. Harrell and Dr. Braswell immediately to schedule an evaluation:
• Bleeding gums
• Bad breath
• Receding gums
• Loose teeth
• Pus around teeth

Root Canal Therapy

Many patients are scared of the infamous root canal procedure, but Dr. Harrell and Dr. Braswell take advantage of advances in technology and dental techniques that make today’s root canal procedures more comfortable and effective.  A root canal is required when there is damage to the nerve tissue inside of a tooth. Your dentist will remove the infected tissue within the tooth where it has become inflamed, fill the void with an inert material, and complete the procedure with the placement of a crown.  If you need a root canal, don’t hesitate! This procedure doesn’t cause dental pain; it relieves it!

Tooth Extraction

While Dr. Harrell and Dr. Braswell will always try to save the original structure of your tooth, there are some cases where decay or damage is extensive enough to warrant an extraction.  In these cases, Dr. Harrell or Dr. Braswell can remove your troublesome tooth and explain a variety of treatment options to start you on the path to recovery.

Tooth Colored Fillings

body_4Don’t let decayed or discolored teeth keep you from smiling. A routine filling procedure could be the solution. Dr. Harrell and Dr. Braswell will first clean out the decayed portion of your tooth, and then fill the hole with inert material for a lasting restoration.

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is diagnosed in 41,000 Americans a year, and leads to 12,500 deaths. As your dentists, Dr. Harrell and Dr. Braswell are the only medical professionals in a position to evaluate your mouth routinely and detect abnormalities.  Early detection is vital in all cancers, and oral cancer is no exception. The death rate from oral cancer is especially high due to late discovery of the disease, but prognosis is more positive with early detection (a 90% success rate).   If you don’t seek regular care from a dental professional, you are putting your health at risk.  Petal Family Dentistry is dedicated to providing a potentially life-saving oral cancer screening for you.


Do you wake up with pain in your head or jaw? Have you noticed unexplained cracks or chips in your teeth?  You may be grinding or clenching your teeth while you sleep at night. To prevent serious damage to your teeth, Drs. Harrell and Braswell recommend a dental appliance called a nightguard, which protects your teeth from grinding and clenching. If you are fitted for a nightguard, Dr. Harrell and Dr. Braswell will take great care in making sure you have a comfortable fit.  Talk to a team member today about a customized nightguard to protect your smile.

Mouth Guards

body_7Does your child play sports or take part in other high-impact activities? According to the American Dental Association, mouth guards prevent approximately 200,000 injuries each year in high school and collegiate football alone. A custom designed mouth guard from your trusted dentist is essential in the prevention of athletic oral and facial injuries. They are also a great way to protect against concussions and other potential injuries. Talk to your Dr. Harrell and Dr. Braswell today about customized mouth guards for your children that fit properly and are comfortable and resilient.

Toddler Happy Visits

body_8First impressions count for a lot, especially at an early age, and you want your child to have a lifetime of healthy, happy smiles.  With these things in mind, Petal Family Dentistry offers Toddler Happy Visits, a first chance for the dental team to get to know your child.  By meeting the team at Petal Family Dentistry early on, your child will have a positive memory and a familiar face when they begin their pediatric dental care in earnest. Don’t let your child develop a fear of the dentist that stands in the way of a lifetime of optimal dental health. Start them off right with a Toddler Happy Visit at Petal Family Dentistry.

Nitrous Oxide

Don’t let anxiety about the dentist prevent you from receiving the care you need. For patients to feel more relaxed, Petal Family Dentistry offers sedation with nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas.” Nitrous oxide is a proven relaxing agent that is both fast acting and quick to wear off after your treatment. You’ll never lose consciousness, but you will feel very calm and stress-free during treatment.  Everyone deserves to feel comfortable and confident when visiting the dentist. Talk to a Petal Family Dentistry team member about how nitrous oxide can improve your patient experience.